3B: One Single Reciprocating NiTi File System, The Gold Era for Shaping A Canal

During the workshop participants will try the new NiTi reciprocating movement system  on  plastic  block simulators (with root canal).
Shaping and cleaning the canal is the main focus of the  workshop but glide-path management and scouting the canal will also be addressed first as  part of the clinical sequence.
The participants will master the new reciprocating technology featuring the heat-treated NiTi alloy with unforeseen flexibility and hence hands-on experience is required to familiarize oneself to this system in order to maximize its clinical benefit. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To differentiate rotary and reciprocating movement
  • How to overcome difficult root canal anatomies
  • To learn step by step a clinical 
  • To scout a canal and use of a glide path management instrument
  • To ideally shape a canal in order to use the irrigation solution deeply in the canal to allow cleaning and disinfection.


Speaker: Wilhelm Pertot


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