Achieving Clinical Excellence with Implant Restorations and What to do When that Excellence Starts to Fail

The number of implant placements continues to grow at an alarming rate. Once reserved only for patients with unlimited financial resources, patients of even moderate means are now receiving implant treatment. This presentation will focus on the restorative complications commonly and not so commonly encountered. These complications may actually be normal maintenance procedures that need to be identified prior to the start of any proposed treatment and conveyed to the patient. A broad range of preventable and non-preventable complications will be presented through numerous clinical case examples. 


Learning Objectives:

  • To know the complications that you may face with implants in your practice 

  • To differentiate implant complications that are normal maintenance issues from those that are not predictable

  • To understand methods to manage implant complications

  • To learn clinical techniques to make implant treatment less stressful to both yourself and your patient


Speaker: Carl Driscoll


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