The Additive Approach to Complex Rehabilitation: Digital Workflow Meets the Art and Science of Dentistry

In this modern age we have a plethora of options to rehabilitate broken down dentitions. In this presentation the concepts of additive dentistry with both direct and indirect restorative materials will be shared, with a detailed outline of the latest in materials and techniques to restore teeth predictably. Historical concepts of conventional crown and bridge dentistry have morphed into more conservative and adhesive approaches to solve complex dental problems. Multiple patient cases will be shared to allow an understanding of both material requirements and procedural techniques to deliver successful and aesthetic outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • To describe optimal conservative tooth preparation techniques for predictable successful restorations
  • To select the techniques and materials of choice for various clinical scenarios
  • Understanding changes in occlusal vertical dimension
  • Use of provisional restorations to assess aesthetics and occlusion

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