Air Polishing for Non-Surgical Treatment in Prevention and Maintenance

A good understanding of current trends in SP is important for planning dental services and workforce, as well as for updating the dental curriculum. (Kassebaum N.J. JDR - 2014)

A trend affecting clinical practice over the past 2 decades has been the reduced emphasis to save compromised teeth. In fact, studies have demonstrated that those with less training in periodontology and implant dentistry generally apply reduced efforts in addressing tooth retention. We have been trained to preserve teeth. Let us face the challenge. If we select “an early removal of compromised teeth” paradigm, the dental profession will lose most of its expertise in preserving a functional dentition for a lifetime. (Giannobile W. JDR - 2015)

With these premises I think we have to explore what new we have available to face periodontitis and save the teeth. Scaling and root planing is the gold standard yet? Mini Invasive Non-Surgical Therapy is the new trend to prevent and treat periodontitis. With this in mind, I’ll show you new protocols based on the use of no abrasive powders like Erythritol and Glycine and NO PAIN technologies respectively for biofilm and calculus removal. When, what, how! Which are the modern approaches and what we can do to reduce the side effects of non-surgical therapy and how we can reduce the need of surgical therapy. How we can increase the success of therapy and how we can maintain the results lifelong. How we can face the huge problem of peri-implantitis as well. All these topics will be summarized during the lecture.

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