Align, Bleach & Bond - from the Simple to the Ortho Restorative

With increasing aesthetic demands from patients of all ages and improved performance and choice of direct and indirect restorative materials in the digital era, a common and obvious approach to a solution is restorative only. Considerations for tooth alignment, bleaching and bonding provide additional and comprehensive solutions also.

Straightening teeth is not just an aesthetic treatment as teeth continue to move throughout the lifespan and thus many patients, even those with mild anterior crowding, are at risk of increasing crowding, occlusal instability and uneven toothwear. Raising awareness and recommending interceptive orthodontic treatment together with bleaching and bonding where indicated is a comprehensive service for patients and straightforward solution for the dental team to provide.

This presentation will address digital analysis and planning, simple anterior tooth alignment combined with bleaching and bonding which together offer minimally invasive ways to improve smiles and achieve desired outcomes. These protocols can also be employed in more complex cases treated under referral to specialists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate the importance of treating patients over their lifetime
  • Identify toothwear and functional changes due to tooth movement and employ digital analysis in treatment planning and case acceptance
  • Describe tooth alignment, bleaching and bonding as a comprehensive approach to offering patients improved aesthetic outcomes

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