Brighter Ways to Whiten: Recent Advances in Professional Teeth Whitening

The course will review strategies to implement whitening in your practice. It will cover quick, simple techniques that can be added to routine patient appointments to build your cosmetic and restorative practice. Additionally, there will be an in depth review of chair side whitening treatment using the latest technology in light-activated whitening. The lecture will include detailed instruction and techniques for ideal tissue isolation, safety, and sensitivity management. Take Home Tray Whitening will also be included.

This course will address:

  • A review of the science and claims of the latest light-activated whitening technology
  • Strategies for managing tooth sensitivity
  • Tissue isolation, follow up maintenance, Take Home whitening alternatives
  • Step-by-step instruction in a clinical environment of how to integrate a meaningful whitening discussion into routine patient exams, and hygiene appointments
  • The importance of adding shade assessment into every patient conversation

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand guidelines for diagnosis and treatment planning of tooth whitening
  • Understand which form of peroxide to choose for your patient based on diagnosis of stain, lifestyle and habits
  • Proactively control tooth sensitivity, learn about whitening options, safety and the science of color measurements
  • Gain knowledge of the latest clinic research on chemical verse light activated peroxide

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