CAD/CAM to Restore Teeth

This presentation will focus on the use of digital impressioning and CAD/CAM techniques in routine dental practice.  First conceived more than 40 years ago it is only recently that CAD/CAM dentistry has developed to be an integral part of most clinical procedures. The complete range of CAD/CAM topics will be discussed and illustrated, extending from in-office milling of single partial and full-coverage restorations to more complex esthetic and extensive reconstructions. In addition to CAD/CAM for restorative procedures there will also be a discussion of its application for treatment planning.

This session is also part of the Digital Dentistry Forum.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the practical basis and everyday value for integrating CAD/CAM into routine restorative dentistry

  • To describe optimal tooth preparation techniques for predictably successful computer-milled restorations

  • To appreciate the role of the laboratory technician in developing ideal clinical outcomes for patient and dentist

  • To understand how to develop dental practice to integrate CAD/CAM as a critical component of clinical excellence



Speaker: Jonathan Ferencz


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