Can a Dentist Wear so Many Hats? How to Balance being a Clinician, a Business Owner and an Educator

Dr Wong will share his personal career pathways from his time as a student at the National University of Singapore up to his position as the Managing Director of T32 Dental Centre, a large modern clinic founded in 2007. He will elaborate how he balanced between being a dentist and a business owner at the same time. At this presentation, Dr Wong will also share his experience and views in the following topics.

Learning Objectives

  • Challenges faced in launching one’s first dental practice.
  • Associate vs business owner: Are they on the same side?
  • How to balance between care vs commerce?
  • Can a dentist be just a clinician?
  • Is it possible to set up a private dental academy focusing in continuing education?
  • How to make financial decisions for expensive dental technology? 

Speaker: Wong Keng Mun


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