The Caries Prevention Plan: Preventing and Remineralising Caries with Varnish Technology

As dental professions we know the struggle with making recommendations that get overlooked by our patients.  We often see them a few months later with the same issues or worse. This lecture discusses the caries process, treatment offerings that assist in preventing future lesions and how to have these tough conversations with the patient chairside.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describing the caries development process and appropriate intervention strategies.
  2. Verbalizing clinical findings to patients and/or caregivers and offer patient specific prevention strategy methods. 
  3. Identify the early signs of white spot lesions and formulate prevention strategies.
  4. Verbalize the demineralize and remineralization process.
  5. Develop and implement an effective in-office fluoride treatment protocol, based on appropriate patient risk for caries development.
  6. Develop and implement an effective in-office glass ionomer treatment protocol.

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