Clinical Excellence in Aesthetic Restorations - Hybrid and Indirect Techniques Using Smart Composites

Modern direct and indirect composite resin materials are extraordinary systems that have not been generally employed to their full capabilities.  Complicated, unsuitable or outdated techniques and aggressive tooth preparation have prevented composites from reaching their ultimate potential and delivering clinical excellence. 

Indirect composites, along with low-stress bulk-fill materials can be used in hybrid techniques with the remarkable potential to decrease both operative time and cost, while providing the clinician with greater options of treatment planning.  
This presentation will describe simplified, comprehensive and highly esthetic techniques for optimal handling of composites with effortless adaptation and contouring.  Many clinical cases will be presented with the purpose of enhancing skills and thus improving outcomes for both clinician and patient.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the indications and potential of the indirect composite technique

  • To select the most appropriate material based upon materials science

  • To compare and contrast application techniques appreciating adhesive and resin cement selection 

  • To understand techniques for finishing and polishing with fast and predictable results, and how to repair and glaze


Speaker: Walter Dias 


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