Contemporary Approach to Maximising Efficiency in Periodontal Assessment & Diagnosis

It is the responsibility of the dentist and dental hygienist to monitor and screen patients regularly for the presence of periodontal disease (including relevant radiographs) to diagnose and then develop a treatment plan with defined therapeutic goals.  This presentation will identify and discuss contemporary approaches to maximising efficiency in periodontal diagnosis, monitoring and assessment (fully utilising the instruments and tools available for assessment and diagnosing periodontal disease). Utilization of the periodontal screening and recording index (PSR) as a treatment planning tool and managing Supportive Periodontal Therapy using online risk management modalities will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
•  Choose an efficient diagnostic and assessment armamentarium 

•  Understand how to use PSR and Oral Hygiene Indices as periodontal assessment and treatment planning tool 

•  Measure Biotype as part of contemporary diagnosis 

•  Design instrument packs for most efficient usage 

•  Use online modalities to manage risk and supportive periodontal therapy 

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