Endless Possibilities - a New Way to Achieve Clinical Excellence due to Digital Collaboration

This new landscape of Digital Dentistry brings the dentist and dental technician to a much closer degree of collaboration and a realization that synergy of the unique talents each party brings towards delivering clinical excellence to the patient. CAD/CAM can enable the ultimate in communication and understanding between parties.  As dentistry evolves into the digital world, the successful incorporation of computerization and new technology will continue to provide efficiencies while  retaining the individual creativity and artistry of the skilled dental technician.
The transformation from analog to digital presents both dentist and technician with challenges and opportunities, and for those contemplating or just embarking on the transition fear and uncertainty.

This in-depth presentation will offer dental technicians and dentists both: 
(1) a unique insight that CAD-CAM technologies bring into the replication of natural esthetics while focusing on proper function and occlusal harmony, and 
(2) consideration of the steps and processes involved in a successful business and clinical transition to digital dentistry which together will enable achievement  that often-elusive goal of pleasing the patient, dentist, and ceramist with creative ceramic artistry and predictable restorative dentistry.

Aspects to be covered:

  • Adapting conventional techniques to CAD-CAM technology
  • Dentist-technician communication and collaboration
  • Intra-oral scanning
  • Digital Implant, planning, surgical guides, final restorations
  • Restorative material choices
  • Esthetics and function
  • Diagnostic treatment planning
  • Digital Diagnostic Wax up
  • Digital Temporary restorations
  • Milling vs Printing
  • Cultural vs Technological changes


Speaker: Lee Culp


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