Digital Solutions for the Modern Dental Practice - Pathways of a Conversion from Analog to Digital

Recently digital technologies have found their way into our everyday lives. In dentistry the trend is to adopt modern digital solutions to treat many indications simply, quickly and economically.

As an early adopter of modern technology, specifically CAD/CAM, Dr. Bindl will share his way and experience of converting his business to digital dentistry. He will emphasize the many benefits and limitations that he, his dental technicians and his patients faced throughout the process, as well as look at the learning curve of integrating modern solutions into his practice and the laboratory. He will focus on chairside CAD/CAM systems as well as CBCT scans in order to introduce the audience to new possibilities that advance the digitalization of practices with high benefits for dentist and patient, such as implant planning and placement in a single visit. Moreover the clinical performance of CAD/CAM-generated restorations (veneers, inlays, partial crowns and crowns) as well as in-house implantology will be discussed.


Speaker: Andreas Bindl


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