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Favorite Exhibiting Company Country Pavilion Level Booth No. Product Categories
  TEHNODENT Co. Ltd Russian Federation Level 4 4H-14 Dental Practice, Dental Materials, Dental Laboratory, Materials for Denture, Models, Inlays, Crowns and Bridges, Infection Control and Maintenance, Disinfectants (Chemical)
  Tehnodent Market Co. Ltd Russia 4H-14
  TePe Oral Hygiene Products Sweden Level 4 4L-27 Dental Practice, Prophylaxis/Dental and Oral Hygiene
  Tezulas Fuar Dan. Hizm. Ltd. Sti. Turkey 0A-00
  Tian Shwu Co., Ltd. Taiwan Taiwan Pavilion Level 6 6G-04 Dental Practice, Digital Dentistry (D), Dental Laboratory, Digital Dentistry (L), Laboratory Equipment and Systems, CAD/CAM Blocks, Mouldings, Artificial Teeth, Work Aids and Materials for Dental Laboratory
  TKD Tekne Dental Italy Level 4 4C-13 Dental Practice, Instruments, Handpieces and Tools for the Practice, Special Devices
  Tokyo Giken, Inc. Japan Level 6 6G-13 Dental Practice, Dental Units, Practice Equipment, Dental Laboratory, Laboratory Equipment and Systems, Infection Control and Maintenance, Disinfectants (Chemical), Sterilization / Disinfectant Devices and Auxiliaries
  TRATE AG | Implant System ROOTT Switzerland Level 6 6G-21 Dental Practice, Implant Dentistry
  TRI Dental Implants Int. AG Liechtenstein Swiss Pavilion Level 4 4N-10 Dental Practice, Digital Dentistry (D), Implant Dentistry, Dental Laboratory, Digital Dentistry (L)
  TriHawk/Zenopus, Inc. Canada US Pavilion Level 4 4F-17 Dental Practice, Instruments, Handpieces and Tools for the Practice