The Future is Now - CEREC As the Digital Dental Toolbox

In this lecture Dr Yue shares is personal journey and career pathways with you, how he became Clinical Director of DP Dental. He explains to you why he sees continuous innovation as the future of dentistry by using examples of his daily work, e.g. offering the patient the best service with chairside CAD CAM single visit dentistry - examining benefits for the clinician himself as well as for the patients. As example for his passion for innovation, Dr Yue was one of the first dentists using the CEREC technology in the ASEAN region, starting to work with the technology in 2007. Since 2010 Dr Yue has lectured as a certified (ISCD) trainer.  He has conducted lectures and hands-on for small group meetings such as the Prosthodontics Society of Singapore, SAORI study club and also at international meetings in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. He believes the blend of technology and material science utilized in CEREC has transformed dentistry and with the proper bonding technique, long term success of the restorations can be achieved.

The chairside CAD CAM systems already found their way in to several universities in ASEAN. This shows how inevitable and necessary the overall integration of the system into the dental studies and the daily workflow is. Furthermore he will share his philosophy with the audience, leveraging innovative technology with the deeply- rooted approach of minimally invasive dentistry.  

Speaker: Yue Weng Cheu


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