Healthy Implants, Mucositis, and Peri-implantitis: The Role of Non-Surgical Therapy in Maintenance and Therapy

Mucositis and peri-implantitis represent one of the most frequent pathological conditions dentists and dental hygienists face. Peri-implantitis has been increasingly investigated to better understand the etiopathogenesis and to validate treatment protocols. Ultimately, a cost effective treatment is necessary for patients with peri-implantitis. Currently, there are no randomized clinical trials in the literature comparing non-surgical treatment versus surgical treatment, however there are several studies that compare various types of non-surgical treatment regiments for peri-implantitis. Although not a gold standard of treatment, this is the first essential step in developing an effective treatment for peri-implantitis. During the lecture, I will analyze the literature, protocols and clinical cases that show positive results of several non-surgical approaches. I will focus on the role of low abrasive powders and topical antibiotics describing the MAINST (Multiple Anti Infective Non Surgical Therapy) protocol and the results obtained after 18 months.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe what is a healthy implant and what is a healthy tooth
  • Show different tools and protocols for biofilm removal on implant surfaces
  • Summarize the evidence regarding non-surgical treatment of peri-implant diseases
  • Describe step by step the MAINST protocol and detail the clinical results and statistical analysis of a pilot study

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