Houston, We have a Problem …White Spot Lesions!

White Spot Lesions (WSL) are a Dental Professionals worst nightmare! Between 40-70% of Orthodontic patients ultimately encounter white spot lesions post Orthodontic treatment. Our time today will be spend understanding the etiology of these lesions and discussing effective identification tools, preventative measures, and management options available to us today.

I intend on improving my Dental Practice by;

  1. Exploring new communications strategies that will assist me in better discussing treatment planning options for caries compromised clients.
  2. Identifying nutritional factors that are linked to poor nutrition and the caries process.
  3. Discussing Oral Hygiene Education techniques to prevent the uncontrolled multiplication of cariogenic oral pathogens.
  4. Recommending therapeutic choices for reduction white spot lesions. 
  5. Discussing the client specific prevention plan strategy.
  6. Implementing caries reduction strategies and protocols for Orthodontic clients, before during and after treatment.

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