Infection Control - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This seminar will discuss the current infection control regulations and recommendations for dentistry. Recent updates and accumulated data regarding health care risks, vaccinations, and preventive measures will serve as frameworks for this presentation. Evidence-based information will also be discussed to address certain issues where perceptions and misuse of infection control procedures and products are in conflict with scientific and clinical knowledge. A major goal of this presentation is to help dental professionals increase their understanding of the “why” as well as the “what” of infection control practices.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To be familiar with current infection control recommendations for dentistry as reinforcement for clinicians of an effective, practical infection control program.

  • To understand the routine application of various infection control practices and protocols based on accumulated science- and clinical-based evidence and regulatory requirements.

  • To comprehend the variety of acceptable product choices for accomplishing infection control goals in a dental facility.


Speaker: John Molinari 


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