Laser-Enhancing Dentistry: Understanding the Clinical Utility and Performance of Laser Therapy in Clinical Dental Practice

According to the global dental equipment forecast (GlobeNewswire, Nov 2014), the global dental lasers market is expected to grow at the fastest rate and predicted more dentist and patients will experience the benefit arising from this technology in the next years. The contentious application of a health technology such as Laser dentistry without an accompanying evidence-based training to gain deeper understanding of its convincing values, science, clinical utility and implementation, as well as the knowledge of its clinical performance including efficiency and longevity is counterintuitive. In this lecture, each of these of relevant elements will be addressed and with an objective to optimize the utilization of such technology in daily clinical dental practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • 5 essential laser physic elements which are relevant to its applications
  • Clinical utility: as simply as the “ABCDE” of light
  • 5 essential elements in optimizing clinical implementation
  • Clinical efficiency and longevity of using laser therapy e.g. in Periodontology, Implantology and Esthestic dentistry

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