Lawrence Lau

Lawrence Lau  

Workshop: Restorative and Implantology Solutions Using CAD/CAM – A Full Digital Workflow for the Modern Dental Practice  

The Benefits of a Digital CAD/CAM Workflow - Delivering a Finished Crown in a Single Visit

Dr. Lawrence Lau is the principal of Sydney Laser Dental Care. Before entering dentistry, Dr Lawrence attended boarding school at St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill. In 1997, he graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with Honours.

Since graduation, Dr Lawrence has spent extensive time on continuing education, to keep his dental practice at the forefront of dental technology. This includes the use of CEREC technology, to optimise the outcomes of his cosmetic and restorative procedures, laser dentistry, guided implant surgery, and a range of orthodontic treatments. His enthusiasm in expanding his knowledge comes from understanding the fact that dentistry is a relentlessly evolving practice

Dr Lawrence is always eager to contribute to the dental scholarship of his colleagues, and has given several lectures on CEREC, laser, and guided implant surgery.

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