Legal Considerations for a Successful Future - Informed Consent and Ethics

This presentation will address some common foundations of law and ethical conduct that apply to the profession of dentistry across the borders of many countries worldwide.  There is a burden on the professional to provide their best efforts that the doctor possesses based on their knowledge as a member of the health professions to provide appropriate levels of care.  Included here is the need to acquire freely informed consent from the patient. What constitutes informed consent in different clinical circumstances? 

All dental professionals must acknowledge the expectations and needs of the patient and must adhere to the professional imperative to always place the needs of the patient above those of themselves or the business of their dental practice. Various situations will be presented in which ethical dilemmas will be discussed and the various legal liabilities posing risk to the professional will be addressed.


Learning Objectives:

  • To discuss and implement prevailing professional, ethical and legal standards as applied in dental practice

  • To recognize and avoid common issues with respect to ethics and informed consent

  • To understand how to handle legal and ethical issues between professionals and in the dentist to patient relationship


Speaker: Ardhy Nugrahanto


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