Minimal Intervention: The Clinical Management of Caries and Hypomineralisation in Children

This presentation will cover two challenges of paediatric dentistry: the management of (1) caries and (2) hypomineralised defects in first permanent molars. Questions have been asked whether techniques to treat caries and other conditions are rooted in scientific evidence. Is our clinical practice too technique-orientated rather than patient-orientated? Is the future direction for caries management steeped in management of the child rather than the management of the carious lesion? What are the future directions for the management of extensively carious teeth in the primary dentition? Similar questions will be addressed for hypomineralisation. What approaches should be taken not just for a short-term restorative “fix” but to make sure that the child is not burdened for the rest of their life with a diseased and heavily restored tooth?

These and many other critical and controversial questions will be addressed offering evidence-based solutions and current thinking with regards to techniques and materials to help build the necessary confidence and clinical competence in the management of caries and hypomineralised defects in those children who are still unfortunate enough to suffer from extensive dental disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand current approaches to the diagnosis, risk assessment and clinical management of caries and hypomineralized defects in children
  • To be familiar with evidence-based techniques, including minimal intervention for the management of caries and hypomineralised defects
  • To describe the range of restorative materials and understand their indications for the long-term management of children at-risk for extensive dental disease

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