Piezocision for Rapid Orthodontic Therapy: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach

Piezocision™ is a  minimally invasive surgical procedure, combining micro incisions and localized piezoelectric decortication aimed at  achieving rapid orthodontic tooth movement, with minimal trauma and patient discomfort, while strengthening the existing periodontium. The possibility of hard and/ or soft tissue grafting via tunneling during piezocision™ prevents or treats mucogingival defects and allows for successful aesthetic and functional outcomes. This novel approach is leading to shorter orthodontic treatment time, enhanced interdisciplinary results, minimal discomfort, and great patient acceptance.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the scientific basis and mechanisms of action of Piezocision

  • To appreciate the role of Piezocision in the perio-ortho interface and its indications for use in both orthodontics and periodontics

  • To identify specific patients who may benefit from the Piezocision technique and enjoy shorter treatment times for their orthodontic care


Speakers: Serge DiBart & Elif Keser


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