Piezocision - The Technique for Rapid Orthodontic Therapy

An increasing number of adult patients are seeking orthodontic treatment to enhance their smiles. In this fast paced, self-conscious society, time and looks have become increasingly important. One of the biggest challenges an adult patient faces is the time spent wearing orthodontic appliances. Over the years techniques were developed to address this issue and reduce the overall treatment time. Piezocision is a minimally invasive procedure combining `one sided` localized microincisions and piezoelectric surgery to achieve results rapidly with minimal trauma. This technique is also very versatile, as it allows for soft and/or hard tissue grafting to correct anatomical defects and strengthen the existing periodontium. Another critical aspect is the possibility to achieve superior aesthetic outcomes in complex restorative cases by using short orthodontic treatment options integrated in the overall treatment. Higher patient acceptance and enhanced aesthetic results makes this technique an essential part of the dental team armamentarium.


Learning Outcomes:

  • The concept of accelerated tooth movement
  • The biology behind Piezocision
  • Step by step description of the technique 
  • Piezocision assisted tooth movement
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Treatment planning of cases and case selection
  • Integration in multidisciplinary treatments
  • Periodontal-Prosthetic-Orthodontic algorithms
  • Correction of soft and hard tissue deficiencies while inducing tooth movement
  • Conclusion and future applications


Speakers: Serge DiBart & Elif Keser


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