Post-congress Workshop: Advanced Direct Composite & Posterior Ceramic Mini-Residency - The Masterclass

Post-congress Workshop


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The Mini-Residency Master Class Series Overview

The use of both direct anterior resin and indirect posterior ceramic aesthetic restorations for the natural dentition has become the cornerstone of the modern dental practice. However, the constant evolution of materials and techniques has made the planning and execution for this modality of restorations increasingly complex and challenging.

Presented by two world-renowned clinicians and educators, Dr. Jason Smithson and Dr. Anthony Mak, the mini-residency master class program aims to provide participating dentists with the core knowledge and confidence to predictably deliver these forms of restorations in everyday practice. 


Day 1: Lecture Series

Bonded Indirect Aesthetic Restorations in the Posterior Dentition

The lecture component of the “Bonded Indirect Aesthetic Restorations in the Posterior Dentition aims to provide the didactic teaching for this modality of restoration, allowing the participant to confidently and immediately implement the proven concepts learned in their daily restorative practices. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Ultimate isolation for indirect preparation and cementation 
  • Biomimetic principles in relation to tooth reduction, margin design and finishing for partial and full coverage restorations 
  • Which margin, when and why? Vertical Margin Design
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing and Gingival Margin Elevation for optimal adhesion 
  • The Pillars of Adhesive Preparation Design: make your in vivo preps approach in vitro bond strengths 
  • The Concept of Ferrule (Vertical and Horizontal) 
  • Tissue Management for long-term periodontal health 
  • Temporization for aesthetic bonded restorations 
  • Conditioning of Intaglio...not all materials are equal 
  • Which cement and why...simple usable day-to-day protocols 
  • Cementation and Finishing Procedures for invisible margins.
  • Digital Workflow: Digital Impressions, CAD/CAM (in office and laboratory). Current status and where we are today


The Advanced Direct Anterior Master Class

Direct resins in the anterior dentition can produce functional, highly aesthetic long-lasting restorations, which are conservative of tooth structure. 
This Master Class is designed to provide scientifically based didactic teaching and clinical experience, to allow the clinicians to confidently approach more challenging anterior cases encountered in everyday practice with direct resin. 

Learning Objectives:

Direct Restorations in the Anterior Dentition 101 
(Overview of the basic concepts) 
  • Shade selection: demystify the science and use it as a practical everyday tool
  • Translucency, opacity and opalescence: why all composite resins are not created equal. 
  • A simple, rapid, yet novel concept to make incisal edge shade and effects obvious and effortless. 
  • How to quickly and inexpensively fabricate diagnostic mock-ups and palatal silicone indices to achieve precise incisal edge position. 
  • Preparation design and instrumentation to realize durable resin restorations, which have margins invisible to the human eye. 
  • Basic layering concepts: Utilising opaque dentin shades, body, translucent and effect enamel shades. 
Advanced Concepts for Direct Restorations in the Anterior Dentition 
  • Advanced shade taking protocol 
  • How resin selection goes far beyond simple shade taking. 
  • Opalescence and how it is recreated with direct resin 
  • Recreation of crack lines and wear facets 
  • Masking discoloured teeth with direct resin 
  • A simple approach to the direct resin veneer: create masterpieces easily and predictably. 
  • How to handle the peg lateral and microdont teeth Protocol for multiple restorations in direct resin. A polishing protocol to recreate natural enamel 
  • How to handle complex cases such as discoloured and misaligned teeth with direct resin in conjunction with simple short-term orthodontics and home whitening. 
  • A predictable approach to reconstruct worn broken down teeth creating functional occlusions with direct resin. 
  • Increasing the vertical dimension and re-establishing anterior guidance. 


Day 2-4: The Workshop Series:

Bonded Indirect Aesthetic Restorations in the Posterior Dentition Workshop (Day 2)

The practical workshop aims to reinforce the didactic teachings of the lecture series through hands-on exercises on dental models. The goal of the workshop is to lead the participants through each of the clinical steps, in a logical and methodical manner, to the final delivery of the restoration. 

The hands-on component of the workshop includes: 
  • Preparation for indirect restorations (full coverage and partial coverage) utilizing biomimetic principles.
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing and Gingival Margin Elevation Procedure 
  • Treatment of the intaglio of the restoration
  • Adhesive cementation of the restoration 
  • Polishing and finishing procedures 
*Participant will also have the opportunity to see and experience the use of the state of the art CAD/CAM systems available in the dental market today in the workshop.

The Direct Class 2 Restoration: A Simplified Approach Workshop (Day 2)

The goal of this additional practical exercise is to present a simple, easy and predictable strategy to allow the busy dental practitioner to place lifelike class 1 and 2 direct composite restorations using only minimal shades and instrumentation. The protocols presented will allow the provision of these aesthetic restorations within a realistic time-frame with technically uncomplicated protocols. 
The hands-on component involves the preparation and restoration of a Class 2 cavity. 
Learning Objectives: 
  • Preparation design and a protocol to reduce the risk of voids, bond failure and sensitivity. 
  • How to implement modern high tech instrumentation such as particle abrasion and sonic activated preparation tips. 
  • An overview of matrix systems: choosing the best for each situation. 
  • Discussion of a stratification technique using simplified instrumentation to achieve lifelike resin restorations, which require minimal finishing. 
  • Simplified finishing and polishing protocols for direct posterior restorations.


The Advanced Direct Anterior Master Class Workshop (Day 3 & 4) 

The practical class is a natural partner to the presentation where concepts covered in the lecture component of the program are further expanded and reinforced through hands-on exercises on dental models. 
Dr. Smithson and Dr. Mak will carry out each exercise in a stage-by-stage “Follow my Leader” fashion with close support from a team of hand-selected clinical facilitators. 
The approach is casual and delegates are encouraged to ask questions as they work. 
The hands-on component will involve the restoration of the following challenging presentations, commonly seen in everyday practice with the direct composite resin from GC, G-Aenial. 
  • The Peg Lateral Incisor (half-day) 
  • The Class 4 Cavity (half-day) 
  • The Resin Veneer for the discoloured and extensively damaged tooth (Central Incisor) (half-day) 
  • Closure of minor Diastema (Lateral Incisor) (half-day) 

All ticket categories will have access to the IDEM 2018 exhibition.