Pre-Congress Day Workshop: Direct Resin Artistry in the Aesthetic Dental Practice

Christopher Ho
Christopher Ho

In the modern age of patients demanding more aesthetic and natural looking restorations, this workshop covers the use of direct composite in the aesthetic zone.

Dr. Ho will share step-by-step procedures allowing the participant to master the artistry of beautiful direct resin restorations. The ability to sculpt and form restorations that harmonise naturally into the patient’s dentition is one that every dentist should be equipped to deal with the modern age of aesthetics and beauty.  This course is a mixture of lecture and workshop giving attendees practical hands-on experience. Attendees will take home techniques learnt and will be able to immediately adopt these into their practice.

Learning Objectives

  • To perform predictable adhesive procedures
  • Understand the selection of shade for different materials and describe the optical behaviour of teeth
  • Utilise different opacities of composite resin to sculpt a multilayered restoration replicating natural aesthetics
  • Concepts of colour as they relate to tooth shade selection
  • Current composite resin technologies and systems designed for aesthetic, single and multi-layered build-up techniques
  • To learn simplified and predictable techniques in direct placement 
  • Visualise the anatomical form and morphology of teeth
  • Be able to finish and polish composite resin to reveal a luster-like finish 

Important Note: Participants are required to bring along: 1 set of Loupes and favourite composite resin instruments.


This workshop can only be signed up for upon registration for the main scientific conference. Contact us for more information

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