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IDEM 2018

CLOSING PRESS RELEASE: IDEM 2018 Takes Clinical Excellence to the Next Level 
The 10th edition of the International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) successfully concluded after three days of exhibition, meetings, conference and insightful discussions on the latest breakthroughs in dental innovation and practices. Co-organised by Koelnmesse and the Singapore Dental Association, Asia Pacific’s cornerstone event in dentistry drew 8,571 attendees from 71 countries. The exhibition floor hosted 13 national pavilions and a total of 506 exhibitors from 41 countries.
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PRESS RELEASE: The Business of Dentistry takes centrestage at IDEM 2018
The 10th edition of the International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) will take place from 13-15 April 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. This year’s theme of Striving for Clinical Excellence in Dentistry in Singapore focuses on key trends such as Teeth and Implants for Life; Oral Health in the Growing Elderly Population in Asia; Digital Workflows within the Team and The Caries Prevention Plan.
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ARTICLE: Digitising Dentistry
The use of digital technologies is a growing trend in most industries, and dentistry is no exception. More than 90 percent of dental clinics are now working with digital X-ray systems, and it is only a matter of time before all impressions are taken digitally using scanners, believes Dr Andreas Kurbad, who has lectured and taught courses on computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) in dentistry for more than 20 years. 
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ARTICLE: A New Workflow for Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatments are one of the most common procedures in dentistry, but some dentists, especially general practitioners and those who are new to the profession, are still unfamiliar with the process or may miss crucial steps that could save patients’ time and money. To help guide these dentists, Professor Simone Grandini, Chair of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, Head of the Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry and Dean of the School of Dental Hygienists at the University of Siena in Italy, and his colleagues have developed a workflow reference for the treatment.
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ARTICLE: Adding Value Through Additive Dentistry
Additive dentistry can be used to solve patients’ complex dental problems while preserving their existing tooth structure, and more dentists should use it, says Dr Christopher Ho, a lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia, visiting lecturer at King’s College London in Britain and faculty member of the Global Institute for Dental Education and Academy of Dental Excellence. 
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ARTICLE: A New Protocol for the Management of Peri-Implantitis
Peri-implantitis is one of the most frequent pathological conditions that dentists and dental hygienists face. A systematic review of epidemiology published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology in 2015, for example, found that 22 percent of patients were affected by it. To date, however, there is no gold standard of treatment, nor randomised clinical trials in the literature comparing surgical and non-surgical treatment. 
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PRESS RELEASE: IDEM 2018 celebrates 10th Edition of Clinical Excellence in Dentistry in Singapore
The 10th edition of the International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) will take place from 13-15 April 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. Co-organised by Koelnmesse and the Singapore Dental Association, Asia Pacific’s cornerstone event in dentistry celebrates close to 20 years of clinical excellence with a line-up of exciting events, in addition to its exhibition and main scientific conference. 
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IDEM Singapore 2016

CLOSING PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2016 Concludes on a Successful Note
This year’s IDEM Singapore closed on a high note, bringing together 8,173 visitors and conference delegates to witness sharing by world-class speakers and exciting innovations being showcased.
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PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2016 - A First for Many
IDEM Singapore lives up to its name as the leading platform of choice for regional and international dental industry players and continuously bringing exciting new product innovations and services.  
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Interview with Hien Ngo: Towards the Post-Amalgam Era
Q: Why is now the time to be organizing such a detailed symposium on dental restorative materials?
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OFFICIAL VIDEO: IDEM Singapore 2016 Introduces John Molinari
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PRESS RELEASE: Singapore Reaffirms Itself as the Hub for Dental Innovation
IDEM Singapore 2016 is the leading showcase in Asia Pacific for global innovations in dental technology.
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OFFICIAL VIDEO: David Alexander Shares What to Expect
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PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2016 Strives for Clinical Excellence
The International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) Singapore 2016 returns for its 9th edition with a bigger exhibition space. 
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IDEM Singapore 2014

PRESS RELEASE: The Eighth Edition of IDEM Singapore 2014 was a Record-breaking Success  
This year’s IDEM Singapore demonstrated why it is Asia’s leading dental trade fair and scientific conference with record-breaking numbers of exhibitors, conference tracks and attendees. 
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PRESS RELEASE: More Exhibitors Choosing to Debut Products at IDEM Singapore 2014 
IDEM Singapore is becoming the platform of choice for many industry players from around the world looking to introduce new products and services to the region.
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PRESS RELEASE: Japanese Dental Firms See IDEM Singapore as a Launchpad into ASEAN Markets 
IDEM Singapore is strategically placed to foster closer trade relations between the Japanese and ASEAN dental industries in 2014 and beyond.
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PRESS RELEASE: A Technical First at IDEM Singapore 2014 
Dental Technician Forum introduced to IDEM Singapore for the first time in the bid to include the entire dental team in its programme offerings.
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PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2014 Promises the Future Now 
Back for its eighth biennial edition the International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) Singapore 2014 is a “must-attend” for dental practitioners and professionals in the Asia-Pacific.
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IDEM Singapore 2012

PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2012 – the Nexus of Dental Knowledge in Asia
Asia’s leading dental platform continues to elevate the level of dentistry in the region by bringing together the best speakers and innovations in a single location.
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PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2012 Raises the Bar for Dentistry in Asia
With the aim of helping the industry meet this demand, the seventh edition of the International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) Singapore 2012 returns with an extensive showcase of the latest dental innovations as well as a Scientific Conference that promises to shed light on cutting-edge dental techniques and treatments.
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PRESS RELEASE: Embracing the Latest Dental Technology Advances at IDEM Singapore 2012
Asia Pacific’s leading dental trade fair will see more than 380 exhibitors and a 20 percent increase in exhibition space.
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PRESS RELEASE: IDEM Singapore 2012 Bridges Asian Dental Players to Innovations Across the Globe
With nine national pavilions and more than 380 exhibitors, IDEM Singapore 2012 is set to be the biggest showcase for the region’s dental players.
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