Work Aids and Auxiliary Materials for Dental Treatment

Osstem Singapore Pte Ltd

Osstem Implant is a global leader in total dental implant solution.

We manufacture and distribute high quality dental products in more than 50 countries across the globe through subsidiary companies and distributors.

Ranked 1st in Asia-Pacific and Korean markets and 6th globally, we are one of the fastest growing dental implant companies, expanding its presence in the dental markets worldwide.

Osstem Implant offers its customers a comprehensive range of scientific-based and clinically-tested dental solutions, for all indications, from single tooth to edentulous.

DK Mungyo Corporation

DK MUNGYO CORPORATION ( - REAL GYPSUM POWDER MANUFACTURER, would like to introduce SNOW ROCK Gypsum series - a high quality premium dental stone & Gypsum Disc, Dental Investment, SNOW ROCK HYBRID DENTURE SYSTEM - JET series(Dental Lab Equipment), CAD/CAM Solution (Digital Modelling - Gypsum Disc, Digital Articulator, CAM software | 5 Multi-Layers Gradation Zirconia Disc w/High transparency & 100% TOSOH zirconia powder, Dental Alloys, Disposable products(Disposable Articulator System, Pins-Single & Double) & Snow Light have been achieved worldwide reputation

Inci Dental Tibbi Malz. San. Ve Tic. Ltd STI.

Inci Dental, founded in 1994 in Istanbul. Since then the production of a variety of consumable materials are finished like amalgam, composites, acrylics, ceramic powders, wedges and discs, prophylaxis pastes, base plates and etc.
Since 1994, the concept of quality is established, always giving priority to customer satisfaction and the production process by making significant investments in R & D activities in the field so has achieved a leading place.


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