Cosmetic Dentistry

Gunter Medical

Gunter Medical is the medical precise production. The manufacturing site is located in Stuttgart industrial region since 1965. Our plant is equipped with the most modern Japanese and Swish CNC machines.Our clients in 22 countries are: manufacturers of dental implants,  clinic chains, private clinics. Our advantages: we offer both complete and partial cycle of product manufacturing, development and execution of technical documentation, registration and certification of the product. 


DMP Dental Industry S.A. is a manufacturer of high quality dental materials committed to clinical excellence, reliability and personalized customer service. With over 30 years of experience, DMP specializes in impression materials, composites, etchants, bondings, amalgams.

Fona Dental

We are an established global dental equipment company. Through decades of experience and deep understanding of the dental profession, we deliver complete, reliable and accessible solutions. Regardless of country or specialisation, every dentist can find a fitting solution in FONA today.

As our knowledge and expertise grow, so does our range. Our international team is constantly on the move, meeting partners and dentists, so we can understand their needs and develop products that support and enhance their daily work.


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