A Silver Wave Challenge: Restoring and Maintaining the Older Dentition

With the silver wave approaching, it is important to understand that this demographic poses many new challenges in general practice, where factors due to “ageing”, can create harsh oral environments that impacts our patient’s dentition. Traditional philosophies in general restorative dentistry may need to be modified as we cater for the “other factors” that affect the general health and needs of this population. This short lecture will address some of the experiences of “a younger” dentist and how diagnosis and treatment solutions must change with the silver wave of patients attending general private practice. Also, some new and innovative techniques will be shown on how we can address problems when the aging patients are not suitable to undergo complex restorative dentistry.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand diagnosis and restorative treatment planning for the older dentition
  • To review the choice of preventive and restorative materials and techniques for the older dentition
  • To understand maintenance protocols for the restored older dentition

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