Successful Utilisation of a Dental Hygienist in Private Practice

Dental hygienists’ scope of practice is determined by laws and regulatory boards.  The majority of dental hygienists work in dentists’ offices and may work for a few days a week part time or for multiple dentists.
Hygienists typically provide ‘prophylaxis’, take x- rays, apply sealants or fluoride, perform local and topical anaesthesia, place or remove periodontal dressings, perform some orthodontic procedures.
Some sources indicate that poorly managed practices without an excess of patients do not benefit economically from hiring a hygienist; but for practices with good management capabilities and an excess of patients, a hygienist may be able to make a major contribution to practice productivity. This presentation will discuss the economics aspects of the efficient utilisation of a dental hygienist. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe the impact of dental hygiene on solo dental practice
  • Describe the role of the hygienist in periodontal therapy
  • Effective goal setting to manage the hygiene appointments
  • Strategies to increase hygiene production
  • How to retain patients and minimise cancellations through effective recall systems

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