Taking the Tears out of Paediatric Dentistry

The journey to being a good paediatric dentist, is often strewn with fallen dreams when we realise that children are often not those angels we imagine them to be. Tantrums in the clinic, screaming, acting out are behaviours children resort to and it is difficult to say, who sheds the most tears, dentist or patient? Yet Paediatric Dentistry is the most popular post graduate programme in America, so there is something we are keeping to ourselves!

This lecture gives a better understanding of children’s fears and anxieties in the dental clinic, and the difficulty of behaviour management these days, given new parenting styles and attitudes. So how do we modify time old strategies to fit these new parents? What works and what doesn’t? How can dentists who treat children leverage on clinical techniques and advances to make their life (and their patient’s) easier? In this 90 minute lecture, Dr Tan answers these questions.

Speaker: Tan Wee Kiat


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