Teeth and Implants for Life

Healthy teeth and gingival tissues produce sparkling smiles and painless mastication for good nutrition. Natural teeth can last a lifetime but there are occasions when dental implants can play an important role. The number and types of dental implants available to replace missing teeth continues to increase dramatically worldwide. In the face of the explosion of implant services, there has been a perceived advantage of implants over teeth, however recent evidence-based data have shown the survival, function, restorative success, aesthetics, cost-benefit and patient satisfaction with teeth is similar or superior to dental implants.

The primary goal of modern dentistry should be to preserve the natural dentition, with the use of dental implants as an important adjunct when this cannot be accomplished. This presentation will contrast the advantages and disadvantages of saving natural teeth versus placing dental implants and provide evidence-based direction for appropriate home care for both teeth and implants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the worldwide increase in dental implants
  • Critically appraise the perceived advantages and disadvantages of implants over teeth
  • Discuss how the new guidelines for home care can maintain teeth and implants for life

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