Treating Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Life threatening medical emergencies may occur at any time in the dental office. The clinician discusses, in an interactive format, common office  emergencies seen in a dental office. Learn how to evaluate a patient to determine who to treat and who to refer for a medical consultation. Learn to recognize patients who have a tendency to cause medical emergencies and how to modify their treatment plan. The clinician teaches you how to make your own emergency drug kit so you have only the drugs you appropriately need and to train your team so everyone understands what to do when an emergency occurs.


Learning Outcomes:

  • to recognize medical emergencies that commonly occur in the dental office

  • to identify those patients who should be referred for medical consultation prior to dental treatment

  • to identify a patient in medical distress

  • to list the drugs to have in a medical emergency kit and understand how and when to administer them

  • to be able to train your staff so they are an effective team in a medical emergency situation


Speaker: Robert Edwab 


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