The Treatment of the Fully-Edentulous Patient: How to Achieve Predictably Optimal Results

More than often today, it is necessary to offer edentulous or hopeless dentition patients a treatment with implants that resolves functional and esthetic problems. Usually, these patients would like to avoid removable provisional prosthesis and to move straight from their compromised dentition to a fixed rehabilitation on implants, even if these solutions are rather expensive and time consuming as well.
In this presentation, a simplified approach for minimising both the surgical impact and the treatment time, nevertheless improving the final esthetic quality, is proposed thanks in particular to an accurate pre-operative analysis, the reduced number of implants used (the two distal of them often placed in tilted position), and a simplified prosthetic phase. 
In this way, it will be possible to develope of a “state-of –the-art” final rehabilitation, involving digital tools such as guided surgery and CAD/CAM procedures.
Straumann Pro-Arch components allows the dentist to face all these cases reducing the overall complexity without compromising the outcomes.
Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis and treatment planning, and on prosthetic, surgical and laboratory protocols. 
During the lecture, a wide array of successful clinical cases will illustrate the efficacy of this approach.

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