Workshop: Shaping the Canal Space with an Eccentric NiTi File System

Simone Grandini
Simone Grandini

Imparting an appropriate shape to the canal space during root canal therapy is vital to the success of the treatment. Adequate shape facilitates the delivery of irrigating solutions that are critical to removal of the bacteria. The canal shaping procedure also creates the pathway for the application of the obturation material that will play an important role in prevention of re-infection. The wide variety of instrument systems available all attempt to reach this goal via their unique design characteristics. This course will explore the unique attributes associated with one particular instrument system, its design philosophy and application.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the factors that play a role in instrument design
  • Understand and be able to apply basic rules for safe application of any NiTi instrument system
  • Understand how the cross-sectional design of an instrument can create offset cutting angles thereby creating a physically smaller instrument that is able to create an appropriate shape with a limited number of instruments


This workshop can only be signed up for upon registration for the main scientific conference. Contact us for more information.

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