Workshop: Multiple Anti-Infective Non-Surgical Therapy: A New Protocol for the Management of Peri-Implantitis

Mucositis and peri-implantitis represent one of the most frequent pathological conditions dentists and dental hygienists face. There are several studies that compare various types of non-surgical treatment regiments for peri-implantitis. Although not a gold standard of treatment, this is the first essential step in developing an effective treatment for periimplantitis. Especially in presence of horizontal bone resorption combined to deep pockets, bleeding on probing and suppuration the only possibility that we have is to control the infection and reduce the pocket defect exposing the threads of implants and educating the patients to remove daily the biofilm and to come back for the supportive therapy. During the workshop, I will focus on the role of low abrasive powders, PEEK tips and topical antibiotics describing the MAINST (Multiple Anti Infective Non Surgical Therapy) protocol step by step. I’ll describe the physical and chemical characteristics of different powders that we can use and NO PAIN technology for the piezoceramic instruments. I’ll show how this protocol was born and how much it is similar in the treatment of periodontitis. First do not harm, this is the first goal! We will test the materials during the hands on part.


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