IDEM 2022: 7 - 9 October 2022
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IDEM 2022 – Exhibitor FAQ

1. Why have you decided to postpone the event?

We have been monitoring the current situation and in view of the growing concerns of Omicron virus; the possible outbreak that follows and increasing restrictions being placed on travel guidelines in the Asia-Pacific region, we have decided to postpone IDEM 2022 in order to guarantee you a more well-rounded experience of IDEM. We are also taking in consideration of the safety and well-being of all our attendees which remains of top priority to us.
After long and careful deliberation with our stakeholders, we have decided to re-schedule IDEM 2022 to 7–9 October 2022 while remaining at the same venue; Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

2. Are we expecting any changes to the existing agreement?

The signed agreement will remain in effect, as we are only postponing the event. If the exhibitor does not indicate that they are no longer interested in participating in the event on the new date, all the arrangements will remain in place. Revised stand confirmation will be sent in due course.

3. What if we are unable make it for the date of the postponement, will we receive a refund?

Although we remain hopeful that the current situation would stabilize soon and encourage all exhibitors to extend their support and continued participation at IDEM 2022, we acknowledge that not all confirmed exhibitors are able to commit to the new dates.
If any of our exhibitors are unable to participate in IDEM 2022 revised dates edition and would like to consider a refund:
Our current terms and conditions will be 100% cancellation refunds* and free waiver of cancellation penalty till 8 February. From 9 February 2022 onwards, there will be no refunds and the penalty of 100% cancellation charges will apply. Regular rate will be applied if exhibitors decide to participate at later date.
*All bank and admin charges will be borne by the recipient

4. Are you offering any incentives to exhibitors that have agreed to the postponement?

As a goodwill gesture, we are happy to offer to IDEM 2022’s confirmed exhibitors additional pre-event marketing opportunities at no extra cost*. Upon confirmation to agree to postpone their participation to 7–9 October 2022, we will provide them the following:

  • 1x hyperlink to their preferred webpage on IDEM 2022’s exhibitor list
  • 1x non-exclusive social media feature
  • 2x product listing per exhibiting company on IDEM product or exhibition highlights page

*Applicable only to those who have fully paid before June 2022. Should you withdraw your participation from 1 July 2022 onwards, there will be an additional marketing fee of SGD 1,500 on top of standard cancellation fees.

5. What are the arrangements with the official contractors and vendors?

We have made special arrangements with our official contractors and vendors to ensure that this postponement will minimise any inconvenience.
Please kindly contact the relevant official contractors and vendors as per the contact details within the Online Exhibitor Portal when the technical manual is uploaded for further clarifications.
In view of the postponement of dates, all pre-show preparation will be rescheduled. We are updating the Online Exhibitor Portal with the revised schedule. Please kindly login to the Online Exhibitor Portal to review the updated dates when it is re-launched towards the end of February 2022.

6. What should we do if our shipment is on the way?

Our official forwarder will reach out to the affected exhibitors to offer special arrangements.
If you are using your own contractors and vendors, please kindly call and inform them right away. You may consider housing your shipments with them or with our official freight forwarder.
Please also note to extend the temporary import license to after the dates of our postponement.

7. Can we be reimbursed for the travel/accommodation, or any other expenses incurred since IDEM is postponed?

IDEM is not liable for arrangements or plans made with other companies. Please contact your travel agent/ airline and/or hotel operator directly for their refund policies.

8. Would the postponement affect the turnout at IDEM?

While registration numbers remain on track with our previous registration numbers; we believe the postponement will bring about a higher number of attendees attending IDEM 2022
We are optimistic and recognise signs that the situation is improving and in the interest of all participants, who will better benefit from attending IDEM at the new dates.
We strongly believe that IDEM 2022 will remain a must-attend event and most of the key accounts have expressed their commitment for the new dates.

9. Would the postponement affect the exhibition layout?

We acknowledge that some registered exhibitors might have prior engagements and would be unable to participate in IDEM during the revised dates. At this point in time, we foresee a minor disruption in the floorplan. We will make the necessary amendments and update you in due course. Should your exhibitors enquire, please kindly advise them that the organising team are consolidating all exhibitors’ feedback.
We strongly believe that IDEM 2022 will remain a must-attend event that is imperative for dental manufacturers, traders, and distributors as well as the dental practitioners.

10. What if we are still not able to enter Singapore by October 2022?

While we remain optimistic to see relaxation in Singapore’s border control management and the establishment of more vaccinated travel lanes between countries, we recognise that some countries are not ready to open their borders.
For exhibitors from non-VTL countries, please contact us to make arrangements. We are working with relevant authorities to enable relevant industry professionals from these countries to enter Singapore and attend the event. All arrangements will be subject to the approval of the relevant authorities at the time, and special conditions apply.

11. We will be travelling to Singapore for IDEM 2022. What is the current situation for travel to Singapore? What are the travel restrictions?

Depending on your country of origin, various channels under the Safe Travel Lanes introduced by the Singapore government may be used to enter Singapore. For more information about these, you may visit the safe travel lane website.
Please find other useful links on travelling into Singapore.
• SafeTravel website:
• How to know if I am qualified for Air Travel Pass (ATP):
• How to know if I am qualified for Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL):
• How to know if I am qualified for Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL):
• Submit E-Arrival card:
• Book on-arrival PCR test:
• Get travel insurance:
• TraceTogether Frequently Asked Questions:

For further enquiries on your registration or the exhibition, please email us at

Information is updated as of January 2022 and is subject to change without prior notice.