IDEM 2020: 19 Jun - 19 Aug
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IDEM 2020 – A Digital Experience : Updated FAQ

1. When will the digital event for IDEM 2020 take place?

The digital edition of IDEM 2020 will take place online and will launch on the 19th June 2020. The platform will run for two months from June to August 2020.

2. How long will the digital event be held for?

To benefit all dental professional in their continuous education, the digital event will be held over a period of two months from June to August 2020. The programme will include live sessions, as well as on-demand to access at their own time.

3. I had previously registered as a delegate for IDEM 2020, what will happen to my registration?

All existing delegate tickets will be rolled over to the digital platform. A refund of the difference will be processed within 60 days of the new digital platform announcement. Additionally, for existing delegates, who decide to stay on for the IDEM 2020 digital platform, IDEM will offer an additional one-time 20% discount off early-bird registration for IDEM 2022.

Please look out for details that are coming your way in May.

4. I had previously registered as a delegate for IDEM 2020 and I do not wish to participate in the digital event, can I opt for a refund?

For delegates who do not wish to participate in 2020, you may drop us an email at to request for a refund.

5. I had previously registered as a visitor for IDEM 2020, will my registration still be valid for the digital event or do I have to re-register?

Existing IDEM 2020 visitor tickets will be rolled over automatically at no additional cost. Visitor will have free access to the online exhibition only.

6. I am interested in participating in the digital event, how do I register?

You may visit our registration page here to register. For more information on the pricing of the passes, please visit

7. I can't remember my password, how do I login?

If you cannot remember your password, please click the “Forget Password” button and an email with your password will be sent to you.

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8. I have logged in, how do I navigate the platform?

For more information on how to navigate the platform, please refer to our attendee guide for delegates here and visitors here.


9. I am not able to watch the session at the date released. How can I still watch the session to claim CPE Points?

The videos will be made available on the on-demand page. Please note for live sessions, the videos will only be uploaded 24 hours after the planned air date.


10. What payment method will be used for the refund?

The same payment method used to pay for the delegate ticket will be used for the refund. If you have paid via credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card used for payment.For bank transfer and other payment methods, we will be in contact to request for the necessary banking information.

11. When will the next edition of IDEM be?

IDEM Singapore will return in it’s inceptive form in 2022 in Singapore.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points

1. Will Continuing Education Points be offered for the digital platform?

Yes, Continuing Education Points will be offered for the digital platform. For local delegates, we will be looking at 1B CPE Points. For more information on the points, please visit this Singapore Dental Council Page:

Continuing Education Points will only be issued for the holder of the digital account.

2. How are CPE Points awarded for the digital conference?

CPE Points will be awarded strictly based on 2 criteria:

  1. Duration of Viewing – Delegates must watch the session in full. Our system will automatically capture the total number of minutes of the video watched
  2. Keying Session Code into the Quiz box above the video – Session code within video must be keyed into the Quiz box above the video. Please refer to our guide on how to use the online system here.
3. When will the CPE Points be issued?

CPE Points and Certificates will be issued out one time after the closing of the portal. Please allow up to one month for the processing of points and certificates.

4. Is there a difference in the allotment of CPE points between watching the session live or on-demand?

There is no difference in the allotment of points between watching it live or on-demand. Despite the number of times you view the session, you would only be accredited with one set of CPE points.

5. Will non-locally registered delegates receive CPE Points?

International delegates will receive a certificate, which lists down all sessions watched on the platform after the closing of the platform. This can be submitted to their national accrediting body. It is up to the national accrediting body to award points in your country.

For further enquiries on your registration, please email us at

Information is updated as of 06 May 2020 and is subject to change without prior notice.