IDEM 2024: 19-21 April 2024
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Interactive Workshops

Hands-on workshops are back again!

Take this opportunity to get hands-on experience to hone your techniques, enhance your knowledge and gain readily applicable clinical insights at IDEM 2022 Workshops!

Participants can look forward to the following workshops during IDEM: 

Christopher Ho - Interactive Workshops

Christopher Ho

Composite Restorations – Updates and Concepts for Aesthetic Rehabilitation


Date and Time: 7 October 2022 | 9.00am – 12.00pm


Session Information:

With increasing demands by patients for aesthetic and functional materials, it is imperative for today’s clinicians to understand the diversity of materials available as well as the clinical indications and limitations in practice. The application of composite resin in restoration of teeth can be a rewarding treatment option providing conservative and economical solutions for our patients. Dr. Ho will share step-by-step procedures allowing the participant to master direct resin restorations. This course is a mixture of lecture and workshop giving attendees practical hands-on experience. Attendees will take home techniques learnt and immediately adopt these to their practice.


Learning Objectives:

  • To perform predictable adhesive procedures
  • Understand the selection of shade for different materials.
  • Describe the optical behaviour of teeth
  • Utilise different opacities of composite resin to sculpt a multilayered restoration replicating natural aesthetics
  • Visualise the anatomical form and morphology of teeth
  • To learn simplified and predictable techniques in direct placement
  • Optimal posterior contacts with correct contours
  • Be able to finish and polish composite resin to reveal a lustre-like finish
Bader Borga - Interactive Workshops

Bader Borgan

Bracket Placement, TADs Insertion, and Deprogrammer Placement Hands-on Session 


Date and Time: 7 October 2022 | 2.00pm – 5.00pm


Session Information:

In this Super Impactful hands-on session, doctors will get the chance to practice bracket placement protocols under the supervision of Dr. Borgan and Dr. Rami. There will also be a chance for a demo for TADs insertion and Deprogrammer placement on the anterior and posterior teeth. Basically, all the tools you need to create a great smile for your patients.

Lim Li Zhen - Interactive Workshops

Lim Li Zhen

How Do I Get the Most Out of My CBCT Unit?


Date and Time: 8 October 2022 | 9.00am – 12.00pm


Session Information:

CBCT machines are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in clinical practice. However, the benefits of this 3D imaging technology are not fully maximised if users are not familiar with adjusting CBCT settings or interpreting the CBCT volumes that they acquire. This course aims to provide relevant clinical tips for acquisition and viewing, and a review of CBCT anatomy and interpretation. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use the OnDemand3D CBCT viewing software during the hands-on workshop.


Learning Objectives:

  • How to decide on Field-of-Views (FOVs) and voxel size settings for various clinical indications and impact on radiation dose
  • Identification of anatomic landmarks on CBCT
  • How to use CBCT for interpretation and treatment planning
  • Common pathology as seen on CBCT
  • How to use the OnDemand3D viewer software, including nerve tracing
Johnathan Wee - Interactive Workshops

Johnathan Wee

Leveraging on CBCT in Endodontics: How it Makes Endodontics Predictable and Fun!


Date and Time: 8 October 2022 | 2.00pm – 5.00pm


Session Information:

Often dentists see themselves as “working in the dark” whenever they have to perform a root canal or an endodontic procedure. Not only is the canal anatomy not completely obvious even with conventional radiographs, even the diagnosis can be befuddling when clinical and radiographic evidence do not appear to sync or match.

The many advantages of Cone Beam CT or CBCT have been publicised ad nausea. Its use in endodontics, however, have been considerably less widespread than in prosthodontic and surgical planning. CBCT is capable of being a serious force multiplier in endodontic diagnosis, planning, treatment, and evaluation. It brings tremendous predictability and confidence to patients towards the outcome of their treatment.

This presentation and workshop serves to share prevailing evidence and tips on how to leverage on CBCT equipment and capabilities to make endodontic outcomes even more predictable, and perhaps even have fun doing so.