IDEM: NEW DATES: 19-21 June 2020
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Accreditation Guidelines


Press/media with a valid media badge will enjoy complimentary admission to the exhibition and conference at IDEM 2020. To ensure that members of the press/ media enjoy the best possible access to information and events in connection with the trade fairs and exhibitions organized by Koelnmesse, all persons able to demonstrate their status as full-time journalists will be granted press accreditation. 

We would like to underline that amendments to the policy governing the granting of press passes, effective as of 1st January 2009, will require that detailed checks are carried out to verify the authenticity of journalistic status. We therefore request that all members of the press and media ensure that they apply for accreditation well in advance of the event in question.

1. Basic rules of accreditation

Full-time journalists able to demonstrate their status by means of a valid press pass issued by a journalistic association are eligible to receive press accreditation for IDEM 2020.

In addition, the following personnel will also be granted press accreditation:

  • Journalists able to present a commission, issued by a news agency or an editorial office, related to the event in question, in the form of the original letter with letterhead (not a copy), in English, and signed by the chief editor.
  • Persons able to demonstrate their eligibility by means of relevant press material bearing their name and of a recent date (no older than three months before the date of the event).
  • Persons able to present a recent masthead (no older than three months) naming them as an editor or freelance author of the publication in question.
  • Persons able to demonstrate that they are responsible for the press activities of one of the companies exhibiting at the trade fair in question.
  • Members of youth press associations, who upon presentation of a valid membership card will receive a non-renewable “youth press” accreditation for one day only.
  • Foreign journalists with an official press pass from the respective country. Foreign journalists not in possession of such a press pass must present one of the forms of proof specified above, either in German or English.
2. Special rules for online editors and authors

Due to the general accessibility of the internet and the attendant difficulty of evaluating the status of journalists working for online publications, the latter will only be accredited if they can present a valid press pass issued by a journalistic association. Recognition of this press pass is subject to the terms specified above in Section 1.

Exempt from this requirement are online editors and authors who can show they belong to a larger editorial body or publisher that demonstrably produces online sites featuring predominantly self-generated journalistic content. In order for editors and authors of online magazines of a journalistic nature to be granted accreditation, the subject matter of the online publication in question must directly correspond to the topic of the trade fair for which accreditation is being requested. We request that editors and authors of online publications contact us about accreditation well in advance of the start of the event in question.

3. The following persons will not be accredited:
  • Persons lacking any form of journalistic credentials.
  • Accompanying persons who are without any journalistic status and therefore unable to demonstrate their eligibility.
  • Persons who only broadcast via an open, unlicensed channel.
  • Persons who only publish via weblogs.
  • German nationals residing in Germany who present a foreign press pass.
  • Persons with company passes from broadcasting stations, news agencies or publishers, and who are not in possession of an editorial commission.
  • Representatives of press or PR agencies who are not acting on behalf of a company exhibiting at the trade fair in question.
  • Persons whose press passes have expired.
  • Persons whose credentials have not been provided by an editorial office or whose commission does not cover the trade fair in question.
  • Persons who present an editorial commission provided by another freelance journalist. This applies especially to commissions provided by family relatives.
4. The following are also inadmissible for the purpose of accreditation:
  • Business cards
  • Invitations from exhibitors to attend press conferences or other events
  • Company passes from broadcasting stations, editorial offices or companies
5. Important information:

The technical facilities and services available at the press centre, most particularly PCs, fax machines and the like, are provided exclusively for the purposes of reporting on the event for which journalists have accreditation. The Corporate Communications & PR Department reserves the right to demand documentary evidence of this reporting. In the event of abuse, a journalist may be barred from using the press centre services. In addition, Koelnmesse also reserves the right to withdraw accreditation for the event from the journalist in question.

Koelnmesse reserves the right to demand verification of bona fide journalistic activity in the form of an attestation from the editorial office in question or bylined articles etc. If such documentation is not produced or does not conform to the accreditation guidelines, Koelnmesse may refuse to grant accreditation. There is no automatic entitlement to accreditation. Koelnmesse reserves the right to enforce its house rules in all matters of accreditation.