IDEM 2022: 8 - 10 April 2022


Claudia Lopez Silva


Dr Claudia Lopez Silva

Claudia graduated as a specialist in Special Needs Dentistry from The University of Melbourne. She holds an academic position at the School of Dentistry of The University of Queensland, where she is involved with both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. She has clinical experience in both tertiary hospitals and community care centres, and currently practices at Metro North Oral Health Centre in Queensland. Her experience has allowed her to develop a greater understanding of the complexities of individuals with special health care needs across a large spectrum, and provide clinical services to the individuals with a wide range of social and medical issues across a range of clinical environments.

She thoroughly enjoys treating patients with special care needs and is a strong advocate in her own management of ensuring they have access to the same opportunities for dental treatment as the rest of the population. She also has a strong passion for research. Her research experience includes epidemiology of oral diseases, population oral health and special needs dentistry. She is particularly interested in transition pathways for adolescents with special care needs and models of care that support cancer care services.