IDEM 2026: 17-19 April 2026
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Kazuhiko Suese


Dr. Kazuhiko Suese

  • Born in August 1951.  NARA in Japan  
  • Graduated from Osaka Dental University Graduate School in 1980  
  • I have been enrolled at Osaka Dental University for 40 years and is engaged in clinical education and research  
  • Lecturer at Osaka Dental University (1990-1997)  
  • Dean of Osaka Dental University Dental Technicians School (1997-2014)  
  • Dean of Osaka Dental University Dental Hygienists School (2008-2014)  
  • Professor of Osaka Dental University (Aesthetic Dentistry) (2014-2017)  


Main research contents  

  • Properties of aesthetic restorative materials  
  • Mechanical behavior of prosthetic devices  
  • Educational contents for dental technician and dental hygienist  


Current main position  

  • President of Japan Academy of Digital Dentistry  
  • Standing Director of Japan Dental Association  
  • President of NARA Dental Association  
  • Visiting Professor of Osaka Dental Univ., Hiroshima Univ. and Showa Univ.  
  • President of NARA Dental Hygienists School  
  • Honorary member of Japan Prosthodontic Society  
  • Honorary member of Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry  
  • Honorary member of Japan Society for Adhesive Dentistry  
  • Honorary member of Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices