IDEM 2026: 17-19 April 2026
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Teresa Crawford


Teresa Crawford

After over a decade working as a dental assistant, receptionist and later, a practice manager, Teresa decided to grow her career further and went on to complete her dental hygiene studies. She earned an Advanced Diploma of Oral Health from R.M.I.T in Melbourne, Australia in 2014. She currently works as a Dental Hygienist and Treatment Coordinator in private practice in Singapore.

Having worked in the dental field since she was 18, Teresa has developed a love of all things dentistry and a passion for empowering patients to have autonomy over their oral health.  She enjoys all things professional development – especially patient-focussed service. Teresa loves creative and collaborative conversation:  “I do not wish to be doing my job exactly how I was doing it at university! The fun is found in growth and change.”