IDEM: 24-26 April 2020
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IDEM 2020 3 - Exhibition Highlights
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Exhibition Highlights

3Z Dental Education & Technology Pty Ltd
Booth No: 6J-18

Visit 3Z Dental Education & Technology booth and access a wide range of dental models and equipment. Be sure to also look out for a wide variety of dental gifts on display.

ACRO Biomedical Co Ltd
Booth No: 4F-23

Visit ACRO Biomedical booth for presentations on their leading products including Collagen Dental Bone Graft and Collagen Dental Membrane used for the osteointegration and regeneration before dental implants. 

Aidite (Qinhuangdao) Technology Co Ltd
Booth No: 4E-18

Aidite is excited to introduce Kang Jianming whom will make a presentation on Aidite prime multilayer, 3D Pro Zir. Aidite will hold hands-on demonstration through the whole Labday show.

Booth No: 6K-16

Visit Alliage booth and discover their new line of Dental Chairs and Image Portfolio. Be sure to look out for the onsite deals for chairs and RVG Sensors.

American Orthodontics
Booth No: 6K-17

Visit American Orthodontics’s booth and learn more about AO’s Aesthetic Brace, known as Iconix brackets and the iFit buccal tube. Be sure to look out on exclusive onsite promotions.

Arma Dental Uretim Sistemleri San Ve Tic Ltd Sti
Booth No: 4G-32

Visit Arma Dental’s botth and learn more about their efficient machinery. Arma Dental will also share more information on the production of acrylic/composite teeth in your hometown.

Atsurwo Teknik
Booth No: 6G-19

Visit Atsurwo Teknik’s booth to learn more about the whole range of dental instruments. Visitors can experience their quality with perfection. 

Booth No: 4F-25

Learn more about TOP DM IMPLANT and SHORT DM IMPLANT at Bioner’s booth.

BN Superior Marketing Co Ltd
Booth No: 6J-15

Visit BN Superior Marketing’s booth and learn more about their wide range of dental models & equipment to aid in dentists’ daily work and consumer’s life

Cattani Asia Pte Ltd
Booth No: 4L-06

Cattani Asia’s team of experts will demonstrate their Classic semi-wet suction equipment range and their industry-leading SMART suction range, which features energy-saving technology and quiet options.

Colgate-Palmolive Marketing Pte Ltd
Booth No: 6K-01

Visit the Colgate booth to learn more about Older Adult care. This includes professional fluoride therapy and the latest innovations in home care for better patient compliance.

Coltene/Whaledent AG
Booth No: 4F-10

Visit the Coltene’s booth and enjoy a live demonstration of the Brilliant Componeer and Hyflex EDM endodontic files.

Coricama SRL
Booth No: 4N-01

Visit CORICAMA Booth and look out for coupon codes which will provide a special discount on all products online. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Booth No: 4F-01

Head over to CURAPROX booth and discover their product portfolio, covering toothbrushes, interdental brushes, toothpastes and new product introduction Perio Plus+.

Dental Alliance Asia (DAA)
Booth No: 6H-13

Visit Dental Alliance booth and enjoy their special launching price on the digital 3D printer. Be sure to look out for a live demonstration on the intraoral scanner as well.

Dental Monitoring
Booth No: 6N-17

Visit Dental’s Monitoring Booth and learn more about the highlights on their AI powered solutions for dental professionals : Monitoring and Vision.

Dentium Co Ltd (Korea)
Booth No: 6F-10

Visit Dentium’s Booth and learn more about Implant, Digital Dentistry (chair, CBCT).

DGSHAPE Corporation
Booth No: 6J-17

Visit DGSHAPE Corporation’s booth and look out for their demonstration on their advanced milling technology and “open system” CAD/CAM workflow to create coping/crown/bridge and digital denture applications.

Booth No: 6J-09

Visit Diplomat Dental booth and find out more about how to digitize your practice and streamline your workflow.

Booth No: 4K-25

Visit Elsodent booth and learn more about the biocompatible range of dental products. The Bio+ range offers great physical, mechanical and aesthetic performances.

EthOss Regeneration Ltd
Booth No: 6Q-02

Visit EthOss Regeneration Ltd’s booth and view a demonstration on how EthOss, an innovative bone grafting material, eliminates the need for traditional collagen membrane, making dental implant procedures simpler, quicker and safer for dental professionals.

Booth No: 6L-23

Visit E-shade booth to learn more about the “e-Shade” system which is an excellent tool for identifying the color components needed to build a direct restoration by capturing the contra-lateral tooth information to serve as a guide for an accurate color- and translucency-matched restoration.

Eye-2-Eye Communications Pte Ltd
Booth No: 4B-11

Visit Eye-2-Eye Communications booth and learn more about the Formlabs Inc.3D printing systems for dentists. The new launch of the Form3 and Form 3L are once again setting new standards for SLA printers.

Fondaco Pte Ltd
Booth No: 6J-26

Visit Fondaco’ booth and learn more about Primescan, the intraoral scanning which is now more accurate, faster and easier than ever before.

Futudent (Novocam Medical Innovations Oy)
Booth No: 4C-13

Visit Futudent’s booth and learn more about how users can document, communicate and educate faster, easier and better than ever before with non-interruptive Futudent dental cameras. Replace interruptive intra-oral and digital cameras with Futudent dental imaging solution.

German Healthcare Industries (Pvt) Ltd
Booth No: 6N-16

Visit German Healthcare Industries booth (6N-16) to examine and feel precise, accurate and innovative full range of hand made dental and surgical instruments at one place. Be assured in receiving the same quality of instruments every time as they always create technical drawings and GO/NO GO Gauges of each instrument.

Hubit Co Ltd
Booth No: Korea Pavilion

Visit Hubit’s booth for more information on Hubit’s products and training related to your daily dental practice program.

Inobone Co Ltd
Booth No: 6P-13

Visit Inobone’s booth to learn more about new type of synthetic bone graft with innovative design concept. FRABONE, moldable synthetic bone graft with multi channels.

Komax Co Ltd
Booth No: Korea Pavilion

Head over to Komax booth for live product demonstrations and product discount of between 15-30%!

Klockner Implant System
Booth No: 4P-31

Head over to Klockner Implant System booth for product presentations on VEGA ® (Progressive Implant), VEGA+ ® (Tappered Implant), ContacTi ® (Special Treatment Surface) and more.

Mandarin Opto-Medic Co Pte Ltd
Booth No: 6F-07

Visit Mandarin Opto-Medic Co’s booth and learn more about HEINE: LED Examination Light / HRP Binocular Loupes/ LED Headlight . SciCan: STATIM Cassette Autoclave/ Optim Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant Wipes / SANAO Handpieces.

MCT Bio – Mr Curette
Booth No: 6F-05

Visit MCT Bio booth and learn more about the needles(STARJECT) that are high quality and cost effectiveness. They also producie needle separators (USA & KOREA Patent), syringe and recapper.

Modern Dental Laboratory
Booth No: 4A-18

Visit Modern Dental Laboratory booth and enjoy their in-booth promotion on lab prosthesis and intra oral scanners.

Morita Dental Asia Pte Ltd
Booth No: 6K-19

Visit Morita Dental booth and enjoy special promotions, showcases, hands-on and workshops on various products including Endodontic Devices such as Tri Auto ZX2, the unique Twinpower Turbines and the new Veraview X800.

Myofunctional Research Corporation Pte Ltd
Booth No: 4A-19

Visit Myofunctional Research Corporation’s booth and learn more about the Myobrace® System, by Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC), The Myosa® System and The Myotalea® TLJ appliance.

Olident Sp. z.o.o., S.p.k.
Booth No: 4B-22

Visit OLIDENT’s booth and join their worldwide distributors network. Be sure to also learn more about their products.

Booth No: 6K-10a

Visit Orthometric’s booth and learn more about the Orthodontic market (Brackets, Tubes, Archwires and Elastics).

Osada Electric Co Ltd
Booth No: 4C-17

Visit Booth 4C-17 at Level 4 to find out more about Osada Electric Co Ltd.

Osstem Singapore Pte Ltd
Booth No: 6K-05

Enjoy Osstem Singapore onsite booth promotions including onsite price for K3 Dental Chair and T1 CBCT, bundle promotion for GBR and material and early-bird promotion for overseas trip package.

Pesitro Healthcare Products Co Ltd
Booth No: 6L-18

Visit PESITRO booth to learn more about the latest oral care products available in the market.

Pulpdent Corporation
Booth No: 4E-05

Visit the Pulpdent booth to be introduced to the Magic of Pulpdent’s new light cure only dental composite, ACTIVA Pronto.

Ray Co., Ltd.
Booth No: 6N-02

Look forward to the launch of new products at Raydent booth including RAYDENT Studio 600, RAYDENT CAD, and various types of RAYDENT Materials (Resins).

SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer SRL
Booth No: 4L-24

Visit SIA’s booth and learn more about Self Ligating Brackets (with Ni-ti Clip), i-Arch, Rapid Palatal expanders. Wide range of metal brackets, bands, tubes, elastomerics, intra-extra oral products.

Signo Vinces
Booth No: 6K-14

Visit Signo Vinces booth to learn more about their products and how they are invested in aiming for effectiveness of their products and customer satisfaction.

Singapore Dental Supplies Pte Ltd
Booth No: 4B-21

Visit Singapore Dental Supplies booth and enjoy the live demonstration of Ivoclar Ivocolor by their in-house trainer.

SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH · CA DIGITAL GmbH · pro3dure medical GmbH
Booth No: 4P-29

Discover more on the smart workflow solutions including 3D software, aligner & retainer technology, 3D printing materials and blanks, 3D printers, and thermoforming technology when you visit the booth.

Booth No: 6H-18

Visit SDI’s booth and learn more about the Glass Ionomer Cements, Composites, LED curing light, capsule mixers.

Shiva Products
Booth No: 6Q-18

Visit Shiva Products booth and learn more about their products including Blitzwhite, MAARC MTA, Twinkleen and more.

Singapore Smart Tech Pte Ltd
Booth No: 6K-31

Head over to Singapore Smart Tech booth and receive 1 FREE item when you buy 5! Buy over SGD $500 and receive FREE gifts!

Shanghai Smartee Denti-Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No: 6G-10

Visit Shanghai Smartee Denti-Technology booth and learn more about their automatical machine for making clear aligners.

Smitech (Asia) Pte Ltd
Booth No: 4A-08

Enjoy 10% discount off Smitech Hydrogen Water Generator when you purchase the items from the booth during IDEM 2020.

Sonido Pte Ltd
Booth No: 4A-14

Visit Sonido’s booth at IDEM and enjoy great discounts on their wide range of products. First 100 visitors will be entitled to received free goodie bags. Find out more on their Five Easy Steps to a healthier Aligner journey to help your patients maintain their oral environment at its optimal condition.

Spident Co Ltd
Booth No: Korea Pavilion

Visit Spident booth and learn more about their new products on display.

Trate AG
Booth No: 6G-21

Visit Trate AG’s booth and learn more about their products including the mono-block and classic two-piece implants, implants for pterygoid region, solutions for conometric, cement or screw-retained restorations, solutions for growing bone over implant.

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